Tall and light, faldorians are bird-like humanoids hailing from the mountain cordillera of the eastern side of the continent. They are generally haughty and try to keep away from the politics and struggles of other races. Their civilization is generally viewed by other races as being on a constant decline ever since they lost control of the center plains over three hundred years ago. They run a very rigid society. They are extremely religious in nature, it is extremely rare to see a faldorian worship a god other than Eos, God of Sky and Future.

Male names tend to end in “-el”. Female names generally end in “-il”.


Ability score increase: Dex +2
Age: They reach maturity at 14. They are generally considered old at 40. The most ancient faldorians live to about 65 years of age.
Alignment: They tend toward lawful alignments.
Size: 6 to 8 feet tall. (Medium size).
Speed: 30 feet.
Compulsory Military Service: All faldorians, male and female, must serve in the military for a minimum of three years as soon as they reach maturity. After this service is done, they are proficient with longbows, hammer-type weapons, and light and medium armour.
Glide: Despite their wings, faldorians cannot fly. They can, however, glide over short distances, given a sufficiently high jumping off point and favourable winds. Speed when gliding is 40 feet, ignoring difficult terrain. Gliding requires an Acrobatics (Dexterity) check.
Eagle eyes: Faldorians can discern visual details from objects much farther away than other races. All faldorians are automatically proficient in Perception (Wisdom). They lose this proficiency when blinded.
Languages: You can speak Common and Faldorian. Faldorian sounds like a sort of whistling to untrained ears.


Mountain Faldorian
These faldorians are the most recluse. They run the faldorian society from their seat of power in the eastern cordillera and are seldom seen elsewhere in Oros. They are administrators and book-keepers at heart; they care little for the arts or the excitement of adventures. They have light-coloured feathers and longer beaks.
Ability Score increase: Int +1
Extra skill: You are automatically proficient in History (Intelligence) checks.

Wandering Faldorian
These faldorians are driven by a sense of curiosity which drives them to seek new experiences outside of their homeland. They often take careers of merchants, adventurers, or minstrels. They have a tendency to get into dangerous situations. These faldorians have dark-coloured features and shorter beaks.
Ability Score increase: Cha +1
Extra language: You know one extra language of your choice from the list of “standard languages” (including Matagot, Korrigan, and Galian).





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