Korrigans are another variety of smallfolk. Korrigans have long, horizontal, and crooked ears, bulbous, usually yellow eyes, and brown leathery skin. Their pointy teeth makes them look like a cross between halflings and goblins. Despite their appearance, korrigans are not an inherently evil, but it did earn them an undeserved bad reputation among other races of Oros.
Along with elves, korrigans are among the oldest intelligent races of Oros. They used to roam the entire continent. When other intelligent races began to appear, they began to hide to avoid persecution. As the other races proliferated, korrigans retreated to the frigid desert region of the Meldò, which they now call their home. Today, korrigan civilization is based in the deepest and largest canyon of the desert, the Eye of Oros.
Korrigans are methodical and rarely in a hurry to accomplish anything. They always think before they act. Most of them are religious, and they worship Laos, the God of Earth and Past.
Their society is based on equality, democracy, and knowledge. They conduct formal trade with neighbouring civilizations, but otherwise avoid interaction because this usually ends up in persecution for them. When they leave the desert, they usually dress in long robes which hides their appearance.
Most other races have no idea what korrigan society is like. They just tend to distrust korrigans as a general rule, and many even incorrectly view them as another variety of goblinfolk.


Ability score increase: Wis +2
Age: Korrigans reach maturity at the age of 35. They usually live to about 175 years of age.
Alignment: Korrigans to not tend toward any specific alignment.
Size: Between 2 and 4 feet tall (Small).
Speed: 25 feet.
Darkvision: Korrigans’ large, sensitive eyes have no problem distinguishing details in the dark.
Desert-dweller: Korrigans have advantage on all checks made to resist the elements in a desert environment.
Languages: Common and Korrigan.



Poulpicans live in the immense canyon known as the Eye of Oros, a place of great magic. Their entire society is built to channel divine energy emanating from the deepest parts of the canyon. Poulpicans are the caretakers of this energy, and they cultivate it just as other races cultivate a garden or a field. It sustains them, and they can spend hours each day simply contemplating the world and nature in total silence.
Ability score increase: Int +1
Deeply religious: They have proficiency for all Religion (Intelligence) rolls.
Cantrip: You know one cantrip of your choice from the Cleric spell list. Wisdom is your ability for casting it.


Korils are Korrigan which do not live in the Eye of Oros. They have elected to live a nomadic life in the harsh elements of the desert, believing that this hardship makes them grow stronger, and will eventually bring them spiritual salvation. They are lively folk; they sing and dance often, and create large bonfires at night. You can always tell when a band of Korils have been living at a certain spot; they always leave behind large patches of burned grass on the ground. Most of them live as merchants; they ensure that trade and information flows between the neighbouring civilizations and the Eye of Oros.
Ability score increase: Con +1
Cold resistance: Korils constantly live in the cold, harsh environment of the Meldò; they do not feel cold, and can resist five points of cold damage at all times.
Masters of Barter: They have advantage when rolling Persuasion (Charisma) rolls for the purpose of bartering or otherwise negotiating deals.





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